Why ?

(March 2015)

Why Sobermanpower.wordpress.com ?

Simply my place for letting out steam in early “recovery” – a current personal tool on my road to long-lasting soberness. Swearing and taking a stand out of nowhere I can do in this playground.

Childish, cheesy, stupid, dramatic, serious and maybe funny.
If I happen to offend anybody it was never intended.


Will not try to solve why we drink with no plans to deep dive into my past. From Day 1 I have decided on a forward-facing and positive approach to soberness. Avoid most nuances. Actions are what changes my world. If I am sober right now, then I am sober. Then I am doing according to plan and that’s great. Black or White !


WANTED pen-pals : always looking for an ongoing online dialog with fellow travelers. sobermanpower@gmail.com

Why the name Soberman ?


Just childish, cheesy and a big ego ? Nope ! Three reasons:

First I stumbled across this quote from Christopher Reeve :

What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely”.

Running in my mid-fourties I have a bad track-record of either-or. Either Zero or All-In. Either Love me or Leave Me. Either stand-still or 100 Mph. Moderation is not my game.


I also know that I hold a lot of power to reach stretched (but short-term) goals. When engaged I break for nothing ! I am a loving and caring dad. Now mix and stir this (virgin) drink and You could have the highly qualified Soberman reaching for the long-term goals ; e.g. the “using his power wisely”.


Starting this journey quite fatigue from dealing with other heavy and serious issues too, so why not turn things somewhat upside down. Bring in the childs fascination of the Super Hero. Allow me again to sometimes see the world trough the eyes of the boy. As I learned my poor English from action-movies in the 80ies – my vocabulary is both limited and childish anyway.

Let’s smile some more for the fuck. This is only about not drinking alcohol ! Or am I doing it all wrong, Banana ?


Is this approach hubris ? if It is I would be the last to recognize right  !

First of all Soberman is not the same guy as the one sitting behind the keyboard. Second, if this approach is working for me, then it is working me for (52 days sober). Third, if You have any advice You find can help me, please contact me.

Why Sober now ?

Just because. Somewhere deep inside I simply made up my mind this time. Perhaps I simply reached my point of return. Don’t know why or how – Just did !

– – – –

I stopped smoking December 31 2014 and I had my last drink January 31 2015. I am taking part in the 100 Days Sober Challenge a Belle

March 2015  /Soberman


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