Nothing is impossible !


Just a short dropping by.. prior to a good nights sleep.. late Sunday night…wrapping up the weekend !

Long time no see… 1 1/2 year since last post, and maybe I will start posting / re-awake this energetic, sometimes humerous place to vent … this too well documented long track of missed attempts… relapses and broken hope..

Let’s see, for now my only purpose of this re-visit being to make my mark, celebrate my milestone.

A hundred days sober ! Finally ! And so fucking strong at heart !

So “Soberman was a hero, he did hold a lot of power, and finally he had the wisdom and maturity to use it wisely” !

… feeling as if it is only the very beginning, the so long dreamed about lasting change leading to a different better way of living my life – sober life ! My so damn well deserved rebound ! YES !

Nothing really is impossible for those of us still bearing will at heart.