TAKE-OFF : Not the worst – the best day – Day 1


it is AM 03:04.

Had two bottles of white wine during late afternoon and night….. making this post mostly as my own personal commitment.

Will update whom-ever follower I have left later. Truly loved both the caring from fellow people supporting me – and me taking active part in supporting You.

Somewhat holding this Blog dear to my heart – still. Holding the idea that I actually did succeced in 2015 – Damn time flies… Did not succeced since I am at day 1 – again….

Numerus events  happening since. Youngest kid diagnosed with a psychological disorder – severe Infantil Autisme – now at a special school with no outlook for a real education, nor growing up holding job, building family the like…. “I told You so”, him and I was not just holding traditional father and son Alfa male temper issues….  But again a little to late to get that straight as we divorced 5 month prior to him been diagnosed.

And so much of my life went by ….. major challenges .. life-changing set-backs….  Holding what-ever reason to drink…… Holding what-ever reason to stop drinking.

Holding the positive note / the ever uplifting spirit of SoberMan. I did (and still do) my ever so very best for both my kids, my now ex-wife… in both dealing with the divorse … supporting her in what-ever maner (reason behind was not alcohol – I believe 😉 – may touch subject in a later post) financially, handling the actual move, the kids…. actually to a level where each and everybody told me – and keeps telling me – to somewhat hold focus on …. what is often my soft spot – me !

For some fucking reason I happens to hold the tendency to care the least about myself.
I can do – and I am doing what from the outside being valued as the very outmost to the ones I hold dearest. (if being alcoholic – ha ha.. okay then High Functioning, given so much to my nearest … that I do indeed hold enormous respect…) So much that I am being given Heads Up about caring for myself.

So that is exactly what I will start doing now….

Being thankful for all that I have – all the “dearest” – held tight at heart – doing as they wish, some without knowing what it means – others do indeed. Taking care of myself first….

Somewhat like the oxigen mask in the airplane in case of an emergency. No matter the sense of emergency – your self first – even prior to your infants.. AND That is what I will do as of tonight.

Being on that flight before… luckily I also remember weeks and months following Day 1, entering the aircraft and turning left ! Of course – Finally, being the pilot of my own life again !

First the oxigin mask while I can put it on myself. Goal being to be the captain of my own life – again.

All bottles / what-ever beverage emptied… All up for Day 1 …. All up for SoberMan back in the pilot-set ASAP !!!





7 thoughts on “TAKE-OFF : Not the worst – the best day – Day 1

  1. well dear soberman, good to see you back. have thought about you now and then, wondering where you had taken off to. think it’s a great idea to put that mask on FIRST and start taking care of you.
    i do 😉

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    1. Thanks a lot …. …This picture of the putting on that oxygen mask is growing on me today…. Lot of sidestories to that I belive.

      Thank you so much for reaching out. Warms me, truly does.

      So glad I did not only took the decision (again) but this time also a yet somewhat yet smarter wiser SoberMan !

      … Strong at heart… one day at a time
      THX /S


  2. Welcome back! I still remember the kind support you gave me and wondered where you were at. I’m sorry life has been giving you a hard time, it sounds like a lot has happened. It sounds like a perfect time for self care, it’s going to help much more than the drinking. You’ve got support here, you did this before and you can do it again. Strength to you, take care.

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    1. Thanks a lot …. No brave hero-stories to tell yet… if ever … still technically Day 1…. But the Welcoming feeling from You is Priceless !! Getting to grip with my decision… Strong at heart… one day at a time THX /S

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  3. the news of your son must be so difficult….my heart goes out to you for this and also for your journey back to a sober life. Taking care of you first is what you must do….you deserve the peace that sobriety brings…I know what it is like to start all over ….be strong…you can do this!


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