“Dusting off” with a short-term plan

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THX a lot for all of your support dear fellow bloggers. Every comment, like, PM whatever ment a lot.

I truly got the comment about “dust off” – stand up (in a hurry) – it’s not the end of the world. And so I do. Not on solid ground. But standing – and that’s enough.

In 9 Days I am entering the airplane to Thailand / Meditation Yoga resort as both Sober and a non-smoker. I have a plan !

I will of course not relapse into drinking. I will stand proud when waiting for Boarding. Not sweaty, smelly, shitty hang-over prior to an 11 hours flight – never again !

But I am not quitting smoking today. I will do so prior to leaving. It may be just outside the Departure terminal , or tomorrow. I respect that my smoking is somewhat of a “(smoke 😉 cover” for stuff I need to deal with. But my brain simply needs some rest in this very moment.

Back on track. THX.

/Soberman – keeping focus – having just one job to do today

8 thoughts on ““Dusting off” with a short-term plan

  1. “But my brain simply needs some rest in this very moment.” Very true. And I love the idea of having just one job to do today. I needed that reminder.


  2. I have no problem with that plan. hahaha! I think it sounds good, actually. It’s SO HARD to quit smoking and it’s really important to get the drinking thing in the bag first, that is priority NUMERO UNO.
    Here’s how I would do it: be reading your Allan Carr book from now until you leave- should be do-able. In the course of that, you will (per the book) start thinking about a quit time. If you can coincide the end of the book with leaving you will have a very good chance of being a non-smoker from that point on. I swear Allan Carr is not paying me commision, but if you follow the instructions you will have success.
    You’re doing great!!!


  3. Good for you! Just don’t beat yourself up over quitting smoking…go into the yoga retreat sober and you may find yourself in a very different mindset at the end of your retreat which makes quitting smoking something you really want instead of something you should do….empty your mind when you walk in the door and let everything else unfold as it should!

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