Up the Ante – stopping smoking


Believing I am one of the only few managing to return from the St John El Camino pilgrimage trip this spring, to restart both smoking and drinking !

Sick and tired of me restarting smoking during my relapse, so now I will “Up the Ante” – fight my second biggest bad behavior – those ugly cigarettes. Read a ton of stuff on whether or not to do both at the same time. My conclusion being like with alcohol : Never a perfect day – besides today 😉 Tomorrow will be “Day 1” on my second Counting App 😉

– Soberman – fighting devils – and winning – one at a time

17 thoughts on “Up the Ante – stopping smoking

  1. Just a couple reminders. 1) It takes ten days for your body to detox itself from substances. Which means that the first ten days you fight a physical battle, after ten days the battle is a mental one. Important to know the type of battle so you can choose/use the right weapons/tools. 2) because chemical process in your brain with smoking also connects with so many of your physical senses at the same time, the smoking “imprint” is majorly huge and therefore smoking is the hardest addiction to overcome, but it can be beat.

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    1. Thanks alot for the input. I have been without smoking for 4 year so I now this can be won. 10 days from now equals my take-off to the Yoga retreat. So ten days “white-knockling” – and 2 weeks in safe harbour – being balanced – the major part of not smoking. Hugs. Ands thx again.


  2. Yes. Yes yes. Today is the day! I started smoking at 13 and I remember exactly where I was when I felt my first real breath after giving up. Out of all the positives this is still my favourite. Bitch to get to, but worth fighting every urge. And it’s still the one thing that stops me from lighting up again – which you can imagine got harder when I gave up booze. But breathing!!! Real breathing!!! Ain’t giving that up for nothing!

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  3. Do yourself a favor and read Allan Carr’s EASYWAY to Quit Smoking. Works like a charm! I just quit 2 months ago and barely think about it and when I do, I ask myself “Why would you want to do THAT? It’s disgusting!”

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    1. Thx. I NOW have Allan Carr on my night table. Love him. besides – or perhaps 😉 being this strange figure in the rehab world – I truly love his positive approache. Not being a victim – not being pitty. And allowing yourself your Success !!

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  4. Take care of yourself and be careful not to push yourself too hard and into detox overload ,from experience getting rid of one substance can be incredibly hard but two night derail the whole shebang (I’ve had to give into caffeine short term and I don’t actually have a big problem with caffeine, it was just a step too far and going without created cravings for alcohol)

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  5. I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day but you can always carry on tomorrow where you left off yesterday and put today down to experience. For my part I initially started drinking again after 3wks only to do the start stop bit for another 3 until one day it just clicked and I realised I don’t actually want to drink anymore as I don’t want to be the person I was and was turning into because of alcohol. But making that decision was by far the easy bit the rest has only happened because I made that decision cause believe me if I hadn’t made it I’d be back yoyoing between wanting to be sober and wanting to be a normie with no middle ground. Jeeze that days when I crave the escape that alcohol brings still come,but they go to, I just have to find that escape elsewhere. I don’t like to give advice myself as what works for me most likely is different to what works for others and we all own our personal journey to sobriety, but I think if this was me I’d be doing my best to focus on the good things the next few days bring, try not to be hard on yourself as it’s through learning to love the inner you that you will find your way through and get you to the place you so want to be x hugs x 🙏

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    1. I respect you are not into giving advice, but I really do benefit from fellow travellers like you sharing insights.

      Glad you reached your “point of clarity”. I may have just needed another learning loop to getting there. But I will.

      An yes, I need to focus more on the positives. even the smallest one often forgotten in “bad times”.


      x hugs x /S

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