Sleepy being hyper !


Being extremely tired and overly hyper at the same time.

Allowing my self to just relax – please, no more dramas in my life currently. And then a few hours later, enthusiastically trying to fix all open issues – new pages of To-Do’s, Creating amazing plans covering the rest of my life. Ending up negotiating with myself on whether to do the dishes now or later. START-STOP-START-STOP.

And that is OKAY. No more self-loafing. The goal is still Sober one day at a time – doing just fine. And there is no urgent dead-line on creating my new wonderful sober life ! Mind and body needs to adjust.

/Soberman – having realistic expectations to early sobriety – day 25

13 thoughts on “Sleepy being hyper !

  1. “There is no urgent deadline in creating my wonderful new life” – exactly! We didn’t get this way overnight. We won’t be “fixed” overnight either. Keep chipping away at yourself. It just gets better and better. Rooting for you dude.


    1. THX. Amjor reason for feeling so robust this time, relates to a new respect of “the nature of the beast” – Less Hybris, more sound grounding. Not about STOPPING – more about STARTING a journey with a still wider and not yet defined scope !


  2. Excellent! I get the hyper-sleepy thing. My wife doesn’t like it when I say, “I’m sleepy,” so she starts reading a book in bed, and then I start pulling her hair like I’m a ten-year-old boy. Better than passing out drunk in bed, I say.


  3. Stay with it because you are doing great! Pat yourself on the back for not drinking during your brother’s recent situation…if you can handle that…you can handle this!


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