High Risk Environments ?

concert drunk

Heading for a concert tonight with my brother and two of his friends. Starting at a bar, a quick dinner and then to the Venue.

Just 3 weeks sober. Too early – Being a Dare Devil ?

Nope. Feeling robust. Overheard my brother telling his friend about me being teetotaler tonight. “He has a problem with alcohol like the rest of us. He is just more of a black or white guy” – Fairly supportive, my dear kid brother ;-).

Further I will be on crutches and strongly medicated following my operation Wednesday, so they would outrun me in a pub crawl anytime 😉

Sold Out. Got the tickets month ago. Will I start going to bars on a weekly basis now ? Nope !. But to give my ticket away now because “I am an alcoholic in early recovery” is simply to dark for me.

The ice is thick enough – living as a hermit crab is not adding to my long term sobriety. Doing things I love does !

/soberman – ready to rock my sober world tonight !


15 thoughts on “High Risk Environments ?

  1. You will be fine and hope surgery went well too! I have been around alcohol since I became sober and it hasn’t hurt me yet (11 months yesterday). The only thing that bothers me is how loud and crazy people get when they are drinking…but then I used to do that too because I was one of them…now I am not and like my sober self better!

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    1. Thx. Often I think my brother is jerk even sober with his rigid and predefined opinions about most issues in life 🙂 Alcohol used to bring us at the same level. I will handle tonight. And as I am driving my own car I have my Exit plan in place.


  2. Have a good time. It’s funny; when I went to concerts, I rarely drank…or if I did, I drank like a normal person. The greater the love I had for the act, the less my drinking was, because I wanted to pay attention. Now, there were shows in my hometown when I got hammered, but they were few and far between. Of course, back then I wasn’t drinking nearly as much. At any rate, I’m looking forward to going to a concert in the future without any effects of alcohol in my system. Keep us posted.

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    1. I believe my intake often related to the kind of ‘gig’ I was going. This is Rock and Friday night but I will cope. And I am looking more forward to the male company at dinner more than this actual artist 🙂 In the need for a night out 🙂


    1. Thx. I think it runs in the Family 😉

      About to leave. Actually it is like a revelation, driving my own car, can leave when I want, sleep in my own bed and be up for the appointment I have tomorrow morning AM 09.00.

      Okay, no more sweet talkings. Taking off. For an old fart looking pretty sharp ! ha ha…

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    Yes I did stay sober at the Concert – of course. Yes the rest of the group did not. Did I miss it. Nope.

    Did I enjoy the second half of the concert standing by myself. YES. Will I go to a concert sober with this group again. Nope. No offense. Finding my own new ways now, Compared to staying over at my brothers house, waking up shitty battered – did I enjoy waking up in my own bed this morning 06.30 AM following just 4 hours of sleep, yet still feeling ready to a wonderful weekend with kids ? I loved it !

    Sobriety is growing on me as “my way of life”.

    Mostly I believe Sobriety will grow to be the enabler for living the life I truly want to.

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