Playing Disorder Scrabble on a Friday Night


The 19-year-old daughter, still dealing with aftermath of two years of E-D (Eating Disorder / anorexia) and a mild level of O-C-D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), really played hard when her D-S-H (Deliberate Self-Harm) took off following a 2 hours mix of crying and hugging and ever-lasting loops about … tadaaaa : What size sweatshirt she should order for College excursion March next year ! (deadline today)

The 5-year-old son then left the game early as his A-D-H-D had him craving his Ipad.

Status just before 8:00 PM : Kids had used most letters in the alphabet.

But I stayed the game and played my part calm and supportive, finished strong with just an inch of internal F-U-C-K and a lot of L-O-V-E. Strongly supported by S-O-B-R-I-E-T-Y

Time for this tired turtle to throw himself on the back of his shield. Tomorrow is still virgin, and – in all honesty – in this very moment – I am humble and thankful that I two weeks ago sticked to “Advice No 1 “: Do not keep alcohol at home on my homemade Fridge Poster !

/Soberman – Breaking for nothing this weekend. Simply no room for it 😉


7 thoughts on “Playing Disorder Scrabble on a Friday Night

    1. Thx. A credit from You as a published writer in spe is great 🙂 I sometimes envy You writing in your native tongue. I do not use English in business nor pleasure and my native language is too small for a blogging univers (besides Fashion 🙂 )

      My inspiration 🙂

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    1. Thx. Ditto.

      I am living in Denmark. I started blogging in Danish. Perhaps mostly due to the high level of “infant mortality” within sober blogs there is no vital sober blogging network in my own country. A fatigue AA forum / SMART is hardly present, so joining this world wide “sober cosmos” has grown to be a major asset in “my sober garden” 😉

      My “envy” (not the right word btw 🙂 ) mostly relates to the gap between my active and passive vocabulary – but I have decided to just dive in – and let that be part of the flavour of my blogging 😉

      And as a follow up note to the post, my daughter knows about my blogging, and knows she will never be invited. And actually today she got an intro to WordPress, could be a way to find her voice and peers with her issues.

      Today she was some 100 times better than last night. These extreme and sudden changes in mood and behavior following a social disorder is one of the toughest parts of parenting her.

      Luckily she (again) holds a both loving AND sober Daddy – so much more to give when my garden is prober 😉


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  1. Soberman, I relate to your post….and goes to show, no matter if you live in Denmark, USA, or anywhere else in the world…sometimes parent expectations for a great evening turn into drama and the not-quite-what-you-were-hoping-for family bonding night. Has happened to me more often than not when I’m looking forward to a great night with my kids. Smart move on no alcohol in the house my friend, and I hope you had an enjoyable day with them yesterday : )

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    1. Yesterday (and today) has been as if visiting the ever so happy neightbours.

      Regarding the parent expectations, I now see that when feeling sorry for those fucked up missed “Kodak” moments, is almost always on behalf of ME – the Little King Baby, not on behalf of the loved ones.

      Growing as an adult is rewarding 😉


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