2) Do not Skip Meals ! – My best advice to stay Sober – and nine more

Dont skip meals

Seasoned on quitting – Not yet an expert ! Sharing my best advice today 😉

This afternoon, following a busy day, no lunch, grocery shopping on an empty stomach. That little devil starts calling in the Supermarket : “Okay, just one single beer (your earned it), or say two or why not the six-pack on sale, just save the rest for tomorrow”. Thanks, but No Thanks and Fuck You, lying little drinking voice.

But why the dialog ? I skipped a meal !

Found this old-school cheesy YouTube video on 10 Tips to quit alcohol – The more I dive into each one – the more they make sense to me.

10 (simple) Tips to quit drinking alcohol :

1) Do not keep alcohol at home

2) Do not skip meals

3) Do not talk, think or act as if You are powerless before your addiction

4) Do not let one mistake ruin your resolve

5) Do maintain a Healthy Diet

6) Do start exercise again

7) Do remember the heartache that alcohol caused in your life

8) Do recognize that a sugar addiction is often combined with an alcohol addiction

9) Do recognize the miracle of clean water

10) Do be thankful for the many blessings you already possesses

/Soberman – 10 days sparkling sober – now with a cheesy 10 Tips poster on the Fridge 😉

13 thoughts on “2) Do not Skip Meals ! – My best advice to stay Sober – and nine more

  1. Love #3, I have been struggling with this whole “powerless” concept. #5, I was on the fence about going to the gym this am, it’s settled, I’m going! And #8, I have never felt sugar cravings like I get when I have been sober 2 or 3 months, there is a connection there for sure. And #9 and #10, crucial! Great list!

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  2. THX – enjoy the Gym. I am restarting slowly myself. Always remembering having a fresh GymBag in the back of the car – reducing excuses !

    Regarding 3 – “Powerless” – My own conclusion for now being that Yes – I will not deny I have a big problem. Not at all. No longer. I am now working on simply Accepting of the Fact ! . But I will not accept the AA Powerlessness approach.

    – btw wrote about that once in this post “I will not Surrender” – https://sobermanpower.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/i-will-never-surrender-not-a-prisoner-of-war/

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  3. I had to tell myself I am NOT powerless to alcohol. in fact, i believe quite the opposite, I think one has to be pretty damn powerful to say ‘i have a problem and i quit. ‘ it takes a lot of power to stay away and stick to it, and make it through cravings.

    love this list!

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    1. So in line. My biggest issue with the AA approach is this “Higher Power”. Yes, I will and I need to reach out to get support. (in this area as in most others in life). But holding a believe about that I will always and forever be powerless is not my way ! / SoberMANPOWER ! 😉

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      1. yep. I dont use a higher power. I believe we all are of the most high. we are that creative energy. we arent greater or less than anything. my strength and power comes from within myself, not something external and I cant even prove is real. besides, *im* the one doing all the hard work so why give an invisible man all the credit?! lol

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  4. Ok, here is my 2cents on powerless – it was explained to me that once I put a drink into my body I have no control over what happiness – and trust me, I did not – this is my powerlessness. And powerlessness doesn’t mean I am weak, it means that I give up the fighting and come to acceptance. Also the practice of powerlessness is more of a Buddhism thing – you give up to gain more, less is more and so on – check it out.

    Second 2cents on the HP thingy – again this is how it was explained to me. HP can be anything you want it to be, we already have many of these – your favorite shirt, lucky charm, lucky number, some special thing you got from a dear friend long long ago! You know, that thing that we believe bring us good luck or gives us strength. Kids have these all the time. This is the same! We just need something to believe in! Because one day you will find yourself at some point that the only thing between you and a drink is something greater and bigger that you believe in!

    ok, end of 2cents – I felt the same way when I started – but this is how I see the two now.

    Keep up the good work! Come visit us on Twitter~!

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    1. Hi, Thanks alot for the two cents.

      I have no real life experience with AA and I do respect whatever works. Not for me to judge.

      Regarding the Powerless linked to Buddhism we are very much in line. Avoid Hybris / Ego – go with the flow – acceptance …
      Regarding the Higher Power. Nicely Put. Thx ! work in progress.
      Regarding the Twitter. Trying Trying. For a non-english speaker getting the the Twitter Sobriety Lingo is a tough nut to crack 😉 will do 😉

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  5. Boy, not skipping meals–and just listening to your body in general–is the truth. Good list. I also like the one about the miracle of clean water.


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