Good Karma My (Sober) Way !


Spent all day with a close friend emptying & cleaning her apartment as she is now moving in with the love of her live in the Country Side.

And while this was happening the real estate agent sold my dad’s house (he died last year and the house has been for sale for more than a year). YES! YES! YES! The very last task on finalizing his “estate” – AND guess what ? Today is actually my dads birthday.

Good Karma !

Was it tough when I – during the lovely late “relocation-dinner” at their Country House – toasted with a glass of water ? Not at all – no issues at all actually.

I truly enjoyed my 2 hours drive back home in the dark of night – with a big empty trailer – and big sober Happy Heart.

/Soberman – doing good Sober Stuff – and is being rewarded 😉 


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