Alcohol is a wonderful Multi-Tool !

Swiss Army Knife Big

My best little helper. Sorry, Bored, Longsome, insecure – what-ever problem – the default choice in the tool belt. The perfect Multi-purpose Escape tool. Problems being I never got the output expected – and why escape life in the first place ?– Good or bad – The way it is… is the way it is !

When I relapsed, sobriety seemed so fare away. Now Sober Day 8 escaping from reality seems the last thing to do – time to sharpen all the real tools in my great personal Toolbox – rebounding this life –in a hurry ;-)!

So absolutely fucking glad to wake up this Sunday morning not being Hang-Over-Horny. Just ready to start this rainy Super Sunday ! Still Brain-fogged – short attention span – so what – will just match right tools with suitable tasks : No big problem ! Nothing comes from Nothing 😉


Soberman – again Facing Value and Getting Shit Done – one day at a time 😉


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