Support from relatives / the “normal drinkers” ?

Make it Happen

I don’t know what I was expecting. Thinking it over – maybe I did.

Prior to the long drive to the hut – staying for 4 days with 3 generations – I found it a good idea to reach out individually online to “announce” me being sober on this trip.

Yes, I will bring the bottles of Zinfandel as already agreed. Yes, they should enjoy their cold beers when resting during our walks.

I hoped for their unconditional support. Their understanding. Instead I got questions about this being the right timing. Suggesting I should go for just wine during meals.

This initially left me disappointed. For a split second it gave me second thoughts. And then again : Their responses are actually supportive, they are giving their best to try to understand me. (and frankly perhaps a little disappointment on them missing out a drinking buddy.)

And the most important thing : They are not me. I am the subject matter expert here ! I know any moderation attempt will have my head spinning constantly. Will now focus solely on my “hopes & dreams” by staying true to what I know can work for me.

So glad I am back on track. Looking forward to early mornings without hangovers. Playing with kids 100% present. The drive home without feeling shitty. Looking so much forward – again !

/Soberman – one day at a time – with or without the expected support from relatives.

5 thoughts on “Support from relatives / the “normal drinkers” ?

  1. I have my first child free weekend coming up which is once a year and has in the past involved far too much wine so I’m hoping that I can be as strong as you.
    You never know but the way things have gone for you over the weekend you could hopefully have sowed a seed or two of hope for others in your family by them seeing how good things are for you now being sober


  2. I will be sending you thoughts of encouragement! When it gets tough just close your eyes and see your blogging friends giving you thumbs up while our Soberman capes are flapping in the breeze. Big supersoberman S’s on our chest. Or some such other giggly image to get your mind off the craving. Lori


  3. every time ive told my mom im quitting drinking ahe usually laughs or says “bs” “yeah right” “you are not.” the other day a family friend said “it wont be long before you’re back.” luckily my husband is very supportive and has my back. I told my mom today that ive quit and havent drank in 24 days. she really didn’t say anything, but shes also not feeling well. lol. they dont mean it rude or discouraging at all. they think im kidding or just saying it due to a hangover.


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