Still around – being still – DAY 3


quietly – one hour at a time – I am still around.

Feeling like a flu – and being asocial / introvert. I know this may not be the best approach – but it is working for now. At that’s the major point for now.

Off for 4 days of 3 generation vacation “in the Woods” tomorrow. Lots of wine and beer will around. And I will be “white-knockling” it.

What-ever keeps me sober – One Day at a time πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Still around – being still – DAY 3

  1. I am so glad you’re back!! Congrats on 3 days! Stay strong during the trip and get some books or music and stay connected. That can help tremendously with the white-nuckeling. And Twitter. I found Twitter to be a great distraction! There is lots of recovery there too. Find me @SoberCourage and I can introduce you. ✌

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  2. Huh, I never thought about Twitter and sobriety. I need to do that. I haven’t used Twitter in ages, so I think I’ll just create a new one.

    Soberman, good luck in the woods. Reach out for help when and where you can.

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