“Don’t shit in MY nest” !


At an Enterprise Management Training we once were to learn setting right borders for our integrity – being balanced in our intercompany relations. Some Native American guy was called in to learn us about his culture and introduce the colorful expression in the headline

His approach was in fact extremely relevant as most members of the management team did nothing but throwing shit at each others departments.

Throwing shit at others was never my game. Solitute shitting in my own nest – that’s where I put my problems.

I am sober (day 80) – spring is all around – and I have “a bad day”. Nothing goes my way, pain, low energy levels and same same problems wherever I look.

On days like today I could so easy argue myself into drinking – a lot.

No tricks in the sleeve for being happy go lucky today. Alcohol indeed will not do the trick. I really really do no longer believe alcohol will solve any of my problems, not even lighten my day. I don’t need to be happy today btw. And tomorrow is a brand new (hangover free) day.

I am so thankful that I finally learned not to shit in my own nest !


12 thoughts on ““Don’t shit in MY nest” !

  1. Some days are just like that. Did you know that some foods like blueberries, bananas dark chocolate and salmon stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain? They can change our moods. So can exercise. If they don’t work today that’s ok too. Sometimes we just have an off day. Get through it, have a nice shower before an early bedtime. Tomorrow there will be sunshine. Congratulations on Day 80. Hugs.


    1. THX for the heads-up. I think you have a good point. Leaving the Pink Clouds behind I have “allowed” myself to eat and drink stuff I normally don’t do – . A lot of Diet Coke – quite a lot of sugar. Time to look into a stable blood-sugar and those healthy fats again.

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  2. sorry that your bad day helped me…and well done on 80.
    (the other day I read you quit smoking and drinking at the same time. wow. so wow. you must have great powers!)


  3. Great post! And what a revelation, I don’t have to be happy every single damn day? Wow. I have to say that I remember thinking way on – I am sober, I should be happy every single day!- Lol. It was quite relief not to “have” to be happy all the time.

    Congrats on 80 days! Woot woot!


  4. I am still shitting in my own nest. Sadly. Still working on stopping and still relapse… Working on it since November of last year. People don’t know how hard it is to stop drinking, change yourself, your behavior and way of thinking. Thanks for posting this.


    1. Hi TaTB

      THX for dropping by.

      In this sober blogging universe I think most of us indeed knows the ugliness of relapsing. But Hey, shit happens.

      I tried numerous times. No major secret / trick. This time I was just so much more Blank or White in my first month. No overthinking. Just simply No Drinking. No matter.

      But what do I know. May you find your way. Hugs and Care. Soberman.


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