My Annus Mirabilis

albergue1_el Camino

Albergue de peregrinos de Orreaga Hostel

In 2014 I suddenly lost my father – and my mother in law. I nearly lost my oldest daughter to anorexia – she is better but still in our  “in-house” treatment. Our “toddler” son has been labelled a “shadow sibling” – challenged in his development following the “attention” of his big sister. I also got severely injured in a traffic accident with a long recovery.  In fall both my wife and I lost our jobs due to  absence / seak leave – still unemployed with our relation now highly “under pressure”.

Me being both mental and physical “toast” at New Years I decided to do different.

As my dear readers may know I started 2015 by “not doing” / by stopping – first smoking and then drinking.

Time is up for next step. Start Doing. Me daring following one of my old dreams. May 11th I will take the first step – out of thousands. That night I will celebrate 100 Days sober at the Albergue de peregrinos de Orreaga Hostel – following “the exhausting initial stage of St James’ Way” – the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

Family resources not up for me doing  the entire 800 kilometers – But hey, am I now dreaming about my 10 days / some 250 km of Stage 1 mindfull walking in the Pyreness mountains.

2014 is so much last year – 2015 is my Annus Mirabilis !

Learning to follow my dreams – one day at a time.



6 thoughts on “My Annus Mirabilis

    1. Hi Phoenix

      Thanks a lot for your support. I truly truly appreciate this newly found network.

      The Camino has been in my mind for more than a decade. And yes, I did see The Way – and loved it. Talked rest of family to see it. And I love your picture of us Sober bloggers begin pilgrims 🙂

      I have numerous reasons for El Camino 🙂 of course. Which will show to be the most important I will figure as I ‘go along’ ready to receive whatever gifts will come my way.

      I will reveal one reason in my poor English : my father passed away too soon too quickly – leaving too many dreams behind. Despite my overall situation, by going for the Camino right now I set a role model for ‘the new me’ and mostly for my ‘soul’ sick daughter. Up till now a lot of my support was kind of nursing, being present – sacrifice whatever what ever parent will do.

      To help her still improve the fight on the ugly disease of anorexia – the route cause of which I believe is fucked up self esteem – I find I must now show the strength to both care for her – and to live out my dreams and independence. This I believe helps her improve at her current and improving stage.

      Thanks again for ‘traveling’ along

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      1. It is a beautiful reason. It is my wish for you that your daughter “journeys” with you, perhaps in the form of emails or letters, in which you tell her of your walk. Buen Camino!

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