Last-Minute Tree Cutting

Tree Cut Down

Sunday evening – wife and kids just returned from a weekend at the grandparents.

No need to say I’m sorry. No need to feel sorry.

I did not wake up mid day – rushing out for a last minute cut down a big tree or paint a fence – that highly visible cover-story. My ever false war-stories. No need to hide my tracks nor lie or emphasize minor completed ToDo’s.

I just did whatever task I wanted to do – and I did good.

Now tired in this deep almost childish and profound way. Feeling honesty to the bone following solitude time is rewarding.

My own company is rewarding – It may seem banal – to me it is completely game changing. 10 weeks sober.

– finally trying my best – one day at a time.



10 thoughts on “Last-Minute Tree Cutting

  1. It’s funny how we all exhibit the same behaviors, regardless of the geographic or age divide. United in addiction, I suppose… haha.

    Of course I wasn’t painting fences or chopping down trees (me with a chainsaw… not the best idea), but I WOULD get into my running clothes and pretend like I’d just endured 3 miles of cardio so that my boyfriend wouldn’t know I’d been vegetative all day. He must’ve thought I was ready for the Boston marathon, after all that time spent faking exercise… ugh :(.

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    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Now sober you could actually go for the Boston Marathon then 🙂

      ” United in Addiction” – indeed – and in sober blogging

      From reading all of these wonderful blogs I have learned how different my internal dialog is from “normies” – how irrelevant discussing my disease with “normies ” in real life has been.

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