Billy Joel for Breakfast was a bad idea


The soundtrack of this family is a ongoing loop of one-hit-teen-X-factor-star-of-the-week tracks. And sometimes I just HATE IT !
Me arranging Billy Joel for this family Saturday breakfast was not a home-run with wife and kids. And I can deal with that.

BUT Jesus Christ. One of these mornings, sitting at the table, looking at my family as if I just came down from the moon. The teen-daughter being dragged out of bed with her “dead-fish-eyes” just not ready for the day – not up for this world. The youngest up since 06.00 AM  – behaving like ball in a pinball machine – and always always acting out at the table. And the lovely lovely lady totally disagreeing with even my slightest attempt to have just a minimum of table manners. Each and every family member – wife mostly – soon turning eyes on me for even just breathing politely (poor me, right !).

family Breakfast

We ended up having the cat shoot this for the family album

In situations like this morning I still have an issue dealing with my soberness. Everything being oh so fucking “balanced” – oh so “centered”. I feel more like kicking our annoying cat or run the street yelling at our neighbor for just no reason while he is emptying his mailbox. I simply feel as if I miss the trouble-making – miss fucking things up. The “If we are to have an argument tonight anyway baby, then let me then give You the perfect reason !” kind of mad. (genius thinking  – King Baby ! )

And do I know what road this Saturday was heading just a few month ago. 10:30 AM and now I am already on my 3rd Diet Coke.

Caffeine eyes

Plan to spent rest of day cleaning and sorting boxes in the dark loft – my X-ray vision come handy – while playing MY music loud – in MY head speakers 😉

Making the world a better place I will leave for tomorrow.

Must learn ways of dealing with “stupid family” – one Saturday morning at a time.



10 thoughts on “Billy Joel for Breakfast was a bad idea

    1. Finally down from the loft. your welcome. Love the link :

      “….Now, along with having great, fulfilling relationships with friends and family, Ryan’s built time into his healthy lifestyle to further improve his fucking self-awareness and concentration. Prick.”

      Glad I created this breathing hole in the ice to avoid turned into that kind of … Soberman 🙂

      Thx – Best of luck your way



  1. Funny and uplifting. Billy Joel never did it for me. I would not be happy listening to him during my peaceful Saturday breakfast. I am hoping your loft adventure was better. 🙂


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