Confused or am I ? – daily talks with my wine rack !


Show me now these damn invisible walls to crash into?

Reading about warning signs, different phases for the first 5 years. About not being overly enthusiastic as the newcomer. Being patient. Being aware. Don’t Crash and Don’t Burn. Be afraid.

And I truly is trying to “listen and learn”. But our house is still full of alcohol and often my lovely lady is still having a glass or two for dinner. Harikiri in the making ? I always do my blogging in the home office right next to the wine rack. Looking for trouble ? Easter is around the corner with “snaps” and the heavy brew. Disasters about to happen ? What to watch out for ? What to adjust ?

Bell X-1B

But something has changed during these last weeks. My inner dialog is changing. I am starting to own my Soberness. Finding small vital changes in how I communicate. Less smileys and irony. This is getting serious and I trust myself. Yes, I TRUST MYSELF. And it just feels so straight right and easy.

So what – conclusion please ? Sorry, not today. I agreed with the alter ego about NO OVERTHINKING on the blog, so I just stop this post right now. …. Seriously ? Yes – Hugs , see U.

– – –

Confident  – one day at a time !



10 thoughts on “Confused or am I ? – daily talks with my wine rack !

  1. Thanks for the follow. The dialog change and difference of thinking is so important and nessassary. It’s not sufficient for continued sobriety but it is a huge leap forward. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I’m way behind on reading but I’ll get back on track soon. Thanks for blogging about sobriety. Such a great group of people all helping each other.

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    1. Welcome to my blog John . My native tongue is fare from English, but I changed this blog to be ub english in the intend to someday “pay forward” on all the wonderful blogs I already learned from.

      Maie sober bloggers are surpricingly rare btw. Those smart women are al over the place in here

      Somedays I wonder whether soberness for men is different than for women :
      I know that men often deal with divorces diffrent than women.

      – In my country men and doing sports are always mixed with beer (soccer / biking / Golf you name it) I do not see the same in womens fitness nor yoga.

      – is it harder to change a night out with the guys to a shopping trip or a Sunder lunch ?

      – The “just diet’ing” will be a “no go” in many situations.

      – It is acceptable for a man to “let steam out” – to “get hammered” when facing crisis. And then take it “like a man”.

      Is going sober different for a man or just the same ?

      Could be a topic for a post actually 😉


  2. I also have a house full of booze and a spouse that still drinks occasionally. I think the shift in thinking you described in another post, the acceptance that alcohol is not good for you, is the key. With a different attitude toward alcohol, and all the great health benefits you are seeing, it does not have the pull it once did. That wine rack has no power over SoberMan!


  3. Not every post requires a conclusion. 🙂 Even though, you summed it pretty well – you are starting to own your sobriety. Kudos! I am not even close to this state of mind yet. I have wine constantly on my mind. And in the house. I am approaching this weekend carefully. I trust myself but it is still quite tough.


  4. Yes, I also have a spouse who drinks (moderately) and a fully stocked liquor cabinet and endless events in my life where alcohol is prominent. I love your idea that this may actually make us stronger.


  5. I too, live with a “normie” and have cause to be around a lot of liquor for work events. It’s amazing how we can still manage to stay sober without expecting everyone else to have to change their lifestyles to accommodate our new journey. I have found for myself that the more humble I am about my sobriety, the more willing I am to accept on a daily basis that I am powerless over alcohol, makes living with booze (literally sharing an apartment with it) something I don’t even think about anymore. Sometimes I even think, what would I have done without booze in my life? It lead me to AA and to the best version of myself. So cheers lol.

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