Did not leave my Wingman in 50 Days straight !

Will not waste time listing Up’s and Downs and the top 25-lessons learned first 50 days sober. People smarter than me wrote this perfectly already. Google it if needed. My Point :


Haven’t prep’d my acceptance speech for this award show. No revealing of the magic formula above. Just a plain simple “THANK YOU SoberMan, You’re my Wingman”. “Oh no Thank YOU Bald-guy-behind-a-keyboard”. “Nahh.. all too much. You My Wingman”. “No – YOU – YOU MY Wiiingmannn”.
ARRRGH Kids, Shot Up – Stop arguing. Please behave when on the Blog, U Morons !

(Sorry, I learned my english from bad TV-series and blockbuster movies in the 80’es. Today is Sunday – I am Happy – I will blog better – promise ?!)

wingman - never leave

– Never never leaving my wingman – one day at a time  /Soberman


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