WANTED : 1,735,601 kg of Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant

Saturn HighRes

Did you know that the Saturn V rockets used 1,735,601 kg of Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant during take-off ?

To be more precise during the first 455 seconds of a trip to the moon, Saturn V would burn 3.816 kilo fuel per second. The equivalent Mass of throwing your mother-in-law out the window some 4.000 times per minute.

Imagine a trip taking 3 days, now roughly 99.999% of energy necessary for going to the moon will then be used within less than the very first 5 minutes !

Shooting for the moon

I again take a positive stand here, shooting for the moon.

Because my idea of Sober Living is somewhat the same. There will be need for corrections, things will fuck up and break down (“Houston, we have a problem”), maintenance and the on-the-go-fixing.

But following the initial phase of flames and thunder and Hell-on-Earth – that exciting and exhausting (sorry) take-off – I will enter into some kind orbit in staying sober !

Days of Sunshines and Shitty Days – but that’s just life !

Still need for corrections, but with now only 1% need for energy spent on staying sober. Perhaps someone out there will prove me right. And there is a chance I may wake up tomorrow having dribbled on my pillow during these sweet and naive dreams … and some old fart – the ever nay-sayer – will argue me wrong … and beware me the high rates of relapsing and bla.bla.bl.a. But not today. Today I am proving myself right ! Today I wake up early – ready to spend 99,9% of my weekend on the (little) people that means the universe to me.

SpaceShip Kids

– building my universe – one day at a time – nice Saturday


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